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Memorandum of understanding


Tiffany Rapahel (Home Owner) and Evtech Property Management

Property Address:

10 Flint Way

Boynton Beach 

Fl. 33436

Contract dated : 12/13/2020

Scope of work: 

Enclose the 5' X 5" bedroom wall next to the front door with drywall. Tape, compound and paint white. Paint will be provided by owner.

Enclose the doorway on the southside of the bedroom. compound take and paint. Drywall, lumber, nails and screws, tape and compound to be provided by Evtech.

Electrical box next to the front door to be relocated on the new wall in the passage way.

In second bedroom Evtech to purchase paint and hang a set of raised panel hollow core bi-fold closet doors.

Deposit Paid: $680.00

Balance Due: $680.00

While the work was completed as per the contract, Evtech would like the opportunity to fine-tune the job by doing the following after the balance of $680.00 is received:

  1. Add compound to some walls, sand and re-paint
  2. Add baseboards in areas to make room esthetically pleasing
  3. Add another coat of paint to new walls
  4. Repair walls after homeowner's electrician replaces light switches at the front door

Maurice Stewart


Agreed by Tiffany Rapahel