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Our Services

We implement a set of Quality Procedures that are consistent with the objectives of the communities as follows:

  1. Conduct Routine inspections of the community  Click
  2. Manage Residents' violations
  3. Verify maintenance repairs prior to payment
  4. Writing Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  5. Obtaining Proposals & Vetting Contractors...More
  6. Designing community websites and Telephone Applications
  7. Online bill pay for Association dues (powered by Victory Accounting Serv.)
  8. Manage all communication with homeowners
  9. Comprehensive tenant screening services 
  10. Manage clubhouse and other common area rentals and usage
  11. Financial & Acc. monitoring & management (powered by Victory Accounting Serv.)
  12. Vendor payments Administration (powered by Victory Accounting Serv.)
  13. Delinquency & collections administration
  14. Maintaining all financial records of the Association (powered by Victory Accounting)
  15. Preparing monthly & annual Financial Reports (powered by Victory Accounting Serv.)
  16. Budget preparation ...More
  17. Reserve expenditure planning & tracking... More
  18. Prepare all materials for Board Meetings     Click
  19. Provide Manager's Report which includes maintenance tasks performed, safety inspection results, violations and work orders
  20. Physical & Financial Risk Mitigation
  21. Critical to quality Studies
  22. Root Cause Analysis
  23. Common Element Audits
  24. Institute Corrective Measures....More
  25. Institute Preventative Measures ...More
  26. Waste limitation and increase efficiency
  27. Vendor evaluation and management   Click
  28. Create disaster preparedness Plans
  29. Institute Documentation Plans Re: 
  • Storage
  • Retrieval
  • Destruction