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Control of Non-Conforming Assets / Products

1.0 Purpose

To define and establish the controls needed to ensure that non-conforming action is prevented.

2.0 Scope

This procedure is applicable to controlling nonconforming product. Systemic nonconformities are addressed through Audit Checklist.

3.0 Related Documents

Internal Audits, 

Corrective Action, 

Preventive Action, 

4.0 Responsibility

Property Manager is responsible for all requirements of this procedure.

5.0 Procedure

This procedure addresses the following topics:

1. Identification

2. Action to Eliminate Nonconformities

3. Authorization of Use

4. Disposition

5. Documentation

6. Re-verification

7. Correction After Use

5.1 Identification

Property Managers identify nonconformities through verification activities, or by report from the Board and Residents. In any of these cases, Property Managers document the nonconformity on Nonconformity Log, 

5.2 Disposition

The Management Representative dispositions nonconformities in any of the following ways:

1. Taking action to eliminate the nonconformity

2. Taking action to preclude its use

Property Managers does not authorize for release of nonconforming requests/ action.

The disposition is documented on Nonconformity Log, 

5.3 Documentation

Records of the nature of nonconformities including subsequent actions taken are maintained on Nonconformity Log,  Any related information.

5.4 Re-verification

Nonconformities that are corrected are re-verified prior to release/ authorized. Re-verification is documented on Nonconformity Log, QP4.1.

5.5 Correction After Use

When nonconformities are identified after delivery or use has started, Property Managers takes action that is appropriate to the effects and potential effects of the nonconformity.

6.0 Records

Nonconformity Log,  is retained by the Management Representative for a minimum period of two years.

7.0 Change History

Revision Level Revision Date Section(s) Changed

Summary of Change(s)